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Intercultural Fest Events & Job Fair

Intercultural Fest Events represent a series of vibrant and enriching celebrations that embrace the diversity, unity, and cultural tapestry of our communities. These events have been thoughtfully designed to promote cultural understanding, appreciation, and sharing, uniting people from all walks of life.

Vision of Cultural Transmission and Community Sharing in Georgia through Intercultural Fest Events.

Our vision is to transform Intercultural Fest events into beacons of cultural transmission and community sharing for the diverse communities in Georgia. Through these festivals, we aspire to:


  • Promote Cultural Understanding: We aim to foster understanding and respect among Georgia's communities by showcasing the cultural riches of different parts of the world. We believe that knowledge and appreciation of different cultures are fundamental to building a more harmonious and diverse world.

  • Facilitate Dialogue: Intercultural Fest events provide a space for people from diverse backgrounds to come together, share experiences, and engage in meaningful dialogue. This dialogue strengthens community bonds and promotes peaceful conflict resolution

  • Preserve and Share Traditions: Through the festivals, we can preserve and transmit cultural traditions to future generations. This is crucial for keeping the history and heritage of each community alive and for instilling an appreciation for and continuation of these traditions in newer generations.

  • Celebrate Diversity: We want to celebrate diversity as an enriching asset for our community. We believe that diversity enhances our lives by exposing us to new perspectives, foods, music, and ways of life.

  • Leadership Development: Through volunteer engagement, we equip youth with leadership skills, communication abilities, and a strong cultural competency that will serve them in their future roles as leaders in a diverse world.

  •  A job fair opportunity, to our great Barrow County industry, mora than 200 of them, always looking for quality employees, to come face-to-face with a diverse community, and at the same time an endless source of workers looking to improve their quality of life with better job opportunities. A Job Fair within a Cultural Festival where citizens will feel in a comfortable, familiar and relaxed environment. That is priceless.

  • Community Activation: We promote active engagement within the community. Our volunteers don't just transmit culture; they actively participate in community-building activities, strengthening the bonds within the community.


Unlocking Opportunities for Your Business Through InterculturalFest Cultural Events

Are you a business looking to find quality employees? Imagine having access to over 200 Barrow County industries in search of dedicated workers, while also reaching out to a diverse community of potential candidates eager to improve their quality of life with better job opportunities. Welcome to the Job Fair within a Cultural Festival, which takes place through our InterculturalFest events, where you have the chance to take advantage of this unique opportunity.

Image by Filip Gielda
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