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Intercultural Fest - Heritage Month 
Fiestas Patrias & Job Fair

The Intercultural Fest - Heritage Month - Fiestas Patrias is a dynamic event that has been brightening our community since 2019. This festival is a celebration of cultural diversity and unity, where we pay homage

to the independence days of 7 Latin American countries; Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, Honduras and Brazil. It's a unique occasion where we come together to celebrate

our shared heritage, and the rich tapestry of Latin American cultures.

 It's a time to honor the struggles and triumphs of these nations, all while showcasing the vibrant

traditions and customs that make Latin America so unique.

One of the highlights of the Intercultural Fest - Heritage Month - Fiestas Patrias is the highly anticipated,

"La Cara Jarritos" singing competition. This competition features three categories: children, teenagers,

and adults. It's a stage where aspiring singers from our community can showcase their incredible talents

and entertain us with their melodious voices. The competition is a true testament to the power of

music, and how it transcends language and cultural barriers.

At this festival, you'll experience a diverse range of activities, from thrilling dance performances to

delicious Latin American cuisine that will tantalize your taste buds. It's a celebration of our shared

heritage and a chance to come together, learn from one another, and embrace the richness of

Latin American culture.

The Intercultural Fest - Heritage Month - Fiestas Patrias is a reminder of the importance of cultural

exchange and understanding. It's an opportunity for our community to come together and celebrate

the beautiful mosaic of Latin American traditions that enrich our lives.

Join us in this incredible celebration of Latin American heritage, where we unite, learn, and appreciate

the vibrant cultures that make our community so unique. We invite you to the Intercultural Fest - Heritage

Month - Fiestas Patrias for a truly enriching experience.

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